Bodywork is critical to keeping me on the field playing the sport I love. Hilary at Jada Studios is determined to help me feel relaxed, pain-free and prepared. She will stop at nothing to assist me to perform at my peak potential. No matter what my concern is, I am left feeling stronger, more whole physically and mentally and ready to push my body to its limits! She has helped me through more injuries than I care to admit and always shows up ready to work tirelessly to make sure I stay at the top of my game.Justin Morneau
Thanks for the treatment yesterday. My shoulders have been grumpy for the past month and this morning — NO PAIN!! And usually the day after a hard swim workout I’m toast. I feel great — it’s very encouraging.Steve
I would like to begin by saying that Hilary is a friend of mine. While it is perhaps important to disclose that, it is also important to know that I don’t write this because we are friends, I write it because she is simply the very best acupuncturist I have ever had. Hilary is a compassionate, caring person whose treatment philosophy extends not only to treating the immediate ache, pain, or sickness, but to the lifestyle and mental health of her patients.

She is one of the few health professionals I have met that works with patient to promote health. Her positive energy is infectious, something I have observed not only in myself, but in many of her other patients.elite athlete

Throughout my life I have been aware that I am receptive to acupuncture. Using both massage and acupuncture I have been able to keep debilitating Migraine headaches at a manageable level. Recently I was experiencing hip joint pain that would stop me in my tracks and nearly bring tears to my eyes.

I was certain that I was next in line for a hip replacement! Since many aging Ski Instructors have already gone through this surgery I felt I was certainly a candidate. Utilizing the exercises and medications the Orthopedist suggested was not helping the pain. Hilary thankfully came to my rescue. I am now pain free and only occasionally even think about the past intolerable hip pain.

Hilary is a very astute and conscientious practitioner and I will always remember that Acupuncture is a first choice, not a last resort!Allan

Hilary has been a joy to work with these past few months while she’s been treating me for a painful foot condition. I’d been sidelined from both my athletic training and some of my daily activities. Now, I’m experiencing almost complete pain relief and have resumed training and skiing and performing day-to-day activities. I’ve also enjoyed Hilary’s expert advice and experience as an elite athlete.

I’ve been inspired by her success and tenacity, while finding it valuable that she brings her knowledge and expertise as an athlete to her practice of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Beyond that, her warmth and friendliness and passionate interest in helping people makes her a very special health provider, one whom I’ve highly recommended to my friends.Steve

Not only is Hilary a good acupuncturist, she is an elite athlete who knows athlete’s issues. She was an All American nordic ski racer in college, member of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team, and now continues to ski race professionally and do triathlons in the summer.

I’m a multi-sport endurance athlete (swim, bike, run, triathlons), and the fact that she is one herself convinced me that she’d know best how to treat my nagging ailments: shoulders, neck, back, and knees. She really has! Her acupuncture has also helped me sleep better.Fellow triathlete

Hilary Testimonial: Chapitre deaux (Chapter two)

It is now going on a year since I first wrote a testimonial about the positive results gained from the acupuncture and cupping sessions I received as treatment from Jada Studios for my asthma symptoms. My goal was fairly modest in a sense; I only wanted to gain some additional control over my symptoms so I could participate in a Worldoppet marathon ski race with a level confidence that my pulmonary system wasn’t going fail me during the event. My plan was to continue to use my steroid inhaler as prescribed, and bring my rescue inhaler along as an emergency measure. I never would have dreamed that I would gain enough confidence to cease taking my twice daily dosage, but I did – even during intensive training!

So with that higher level of confidence I figured the next step was just to build off my aerobic base and get lots of kilometers on my skis over the winter. From studying the course profile I knew there were long sections of endless climbing, but in between those long climbs there are also long and flat stretches in which I could concentrate on technique and maximize my glide. The race course for la Transjurassienne is 76K, and I had never skied longer than 54K in my life. I knew I still had my work cut out for me: What I did not anticipate was our snowless winter of 2011-12.

A month before the race and without a lot of time on skis I asked Hilary if she could help me with a training plan. I prefaced my request in a way to get her opinion on whether I had a whole month in which to prepare, or just only a month to make up for lost time. Being the complete optimist that she is, Hilary took the plenty of time position and put together a week-by-week training plan leading up to the race. I was still receiving my treatments on a regular basis, and decided to increase the frequency just to play it safe. Hilary gave me an additional shot of confidence by sharing with me that whatever happens at the race; I have done all I can and earned the right to be there. She reminded me to focus on the positive energy of the event.

Positive energy was what I needed most on race day. The conditions were miserable: cold and extremely windy. Plus, and inch of snow had fallen over the night and the wind was blowing this new snow over the tracks all but eliminating my hope for a good glide on the flat sections of the course. Without getting into all of the nasty details I can proudly state that I fulfilled my dream and completed the race. It could rank as one of the hardest things I have ever done, but one of my proudest achievements. And the fact that I did it without my life-long dependency on asthma medication makes it all the more amazing to me.

I still see Hilary on a regular basis for treatments. My purpose now is more for relaxation and nuisance injuries than for asthma, although I still get asthma treatments as a precautionary measure. Sometimes it will dawn me while our running or cycling-especially during a long hard climb- the appreciation that I no longer have a need for asthma medication. To be honest, I would be hard-pressed to remember where I put my rescue inhaler. All of this would never have happened without the help and care of Hilary and Jada Studios.
Michael Jorgensen

I cannot explain exactly how much the impact of meeting Hilary and working with her has impacted my life, but it has been profound. With the addition of the Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) she integrated into the original acupuncture-only approach we began with, I have found freedom in movement and energy I never imagined before. Hilary’s treatments and care have changed my life around! Thanks beyond words!Alice
I’d spent at least a year trying to find someone who knew what I was talking about when I explained my pain. I’d been to back doctors and to physical therapy which were both just temporary fixes, my pain came back.

Meeting Hilary in January was a delight. She’s a caring, compassionate person who wants nothing more than to make you feel whole again. Incorporating fascial stretch therapy (FST) with my acupuncture treatments has made a world of difference. I’m well on the road to recovery. Thank you Hilary.Hope

I have been active as an athletic trainer, massage therapist, and strength/conditioning professional for many years and I have met few people that have impressed me as much as Hilary Patzer has. My previous experience with eastern medical practices (traditional Chinese medicine) is limited but Hilary has opened my eyes and educated me on its benefits.

She is able to educate and articulate what she does in a way that people understand and she doesn’t overwhelm them with confusing details. She has unmatched understanding of the body and mind. She is also a genuine person who not only cares about the physical health of her patients but also for their overall well being so they can live life to its fullest.

I have referred several clients and friends to Hilary and all have had remarkable results. Hilary is the best at what she does and I will continue to send people her way and I do not hesitate to seek treatment from her when I need help.Travis (MN Wild)

Last weekend I did a Half Ironman. There are a couple of people who were key in helping me prepare for and have a great race. Hilary falls into that category. The magic she works on me with acupuncture continues to amaze me. She is caring and compassionate person who treats the entire person not just the ailment.

I had been dealing with a calf issue for a while when one of my friends suggested that I go see Hilary. I hadn’t had acupuncture before, but I figured why not give it a shot. With her help, my calf/Achilles issue got under control and allowed me to keep training and doing some races. She does a great job understanding what my concerns are to know where to target the treatment and then explains what the treatment will be.

Although my calf/Achillies is the main reason I started seeing Hilary I also get knots in my back. I get the added bonus of having my back worked on at the same time. I always feel better after a session with her. Last time I saw Hilary I had some big knots hanging out in my back and afterwards I felt way better. Yahoo!

Shortly after I started seeing Hilary I was heading to Nepal to participate in a Global Village build with Habitat for Humanity. She provided some great tips on how to be respectful to the culture and leaving a smaller footprint while I was there.Velda

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how good my body is feeling. It dawned on me while standing in my office this afternoon realizing that I had not “felt” my body yet that day in terms of pain or any discomfort. The treatments have been really helpful, including all the talk. Thanks for everything.Carolyn

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"The NFL season is incredibly hard on my body. The crucial base building phase happens during the spring and summer and can be equally as taxing. Hilary at Jada Studios helps keep my muscles loose, healthy, flexible, and therefore allowing me to be more powerful and injury free. Her incredible willingness to help coupled with her knowledge of what my body needs helps to make the base building phase less painful and more effective. Bodywork greatly enhances my ability to recover between strenuous workouts, ensuring that I reap more benefits from those workouts which translates to more success in the NFL season!"

- Larry Fitzgerald

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