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Iris Graduates: Clinical Sports Massage

When I decided to become a massage therapist, I had a specific goal in mind: I wanted to help people experience true and lasting improvement in their bodies. I was passionate about learning the “whys” behind the issues that clients present to me.

Studying sports massage has been incredibly fulfilling. I have had the opportunity to work with talented mentors who have shared their knowledge and experiences, which in turn enhances mine! Completing my Associate of Applied Science degree in Clinical Sports Massage has offered me the rich foundation of anatomy and physiology that is vital to understanding how the body moves and functions. This education has given me the ability to be more specific to the my client’s needs.

One of my big takeways from school: for optimal performance, there is a balance between strengthening muscles that are too weak and releasing (aka relaxing) muscles that are too restricted or tight.

In ideal movement, the body has enough strength to hold the body in alignment, while it also has enough flexibility as not to pull the body out of alignment. If a stabilizing part of the body becomes too weak, it causes postural distortions, but if muscles become overworked and cannot reach their full range of motion, movement is also compromised which causes discomfort, pain or even injury.

Now that I have a degree in Clinical Sports Massage, some people think that I only work on athletes - this isn't true! Whether someone is a professional athlete who needs to function at their very best for optimal performance, a mom with a toddler, or we work in an office for many hours each day, we all want and deserve to feel amazing! When you come to me for massage, I will be giving you the same focused attention that I give to athletes.

No matter what we do in life, there is always more to learn about how to be healthy and strong so that we can enjoy what we do without pain. Every day, I am using my understanding of sports massage to give the kind of specific care that helps clients feel better for the long run, not just during the massage.

~Iris Rohrer, certified massage therapist

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MS150 Ride: Strength & Endurance

Strength: The quality of state of being strong: capacity for exertion or endurance. 

Endurance (n): The fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.

The first time in my life I really had to feel my strength, was by force. I had no choice. I woke up on the inside of a journey where I had to re-learn everything: how to swallow, how to walk, how to talk, how to connect to others. I am strong, by design.

The same event in my life showed me the depth of my own endurance. I had to depend on a depth within myself that I only hoped was there. The power of my strength depended on my endurance. My endurance depended on my strength. In Chinese medical terms, it was the yin, to my yang.

The MS150 ride is a bike ride that routes 150 miles from Duluth, MN to White Bear Lake, MN in two days. Going into this, I don't know what to expect. I will certainly be testing both my strength and endurance to finish. I know that both are there.

As I join hundreds of other riders exploring their own strength and endurance, my ride will support research for Multiple Sclerosis, a devastating neurologic condition under which your immune system attacks your nervous system.

We are ALL fighting a battle in this life. Whether it be MS, TBI, pain, infertility, raising children, relationship and marriage, work-life balance, identity... the list is endless. We are all fighting. Looking to our strength and our endurance to meet our challenges will help us to uncover the natural essence of our true selves.

Riding the MS150 will force me to lean in on my strength and endurance hence, connect to my own true self. The main difference this time? I am doing it by choice.

~ Sophia Bouwens, L. Ac,

You can support Sophia's ride by visiting this page.

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Injury Prevention

~ Notes from Dr. Hilary

One of the most heartbreaking events to happen in an athlete’s world is injury! Athletes and active people prefer to continue through many, if not most, injuries because working out is so much more than a way to burn calories and lose weight! It is a physical, emotional and spiritual release. It is a way to find peace, ease and balance. It is a way to feel in control in an out of control world. Telling an active person that they need to take time off to recover is like cutting off their lifeline.

At JADA Studios we try our hardest to help our patients navigate their injuries without taking time away from sport. However, the gold star to achieving this is proactivity. We can help with injury prevention! Injury comes in many forms and shapes and involve the bones, joints, nervous system, tendons or ligaments and muscles.

Inflammation and swelling: We can help with inflammation and swelling including sprains! The body’s defense when it is injured is often inflammation and swelling. For a short amount of time, this is actually helpful, however if the inflammation and swelling lasts too long, it can start to be a nuisance and cause other issues. Acupuncture along with manual therapy is fantastic at reducing both inflammation and swelling, allowing the body to function normally and return the athlete to their activity quicker.

Increase blood flow: Amongst many amazing attributes of acupuncture is its ability to increase blood flow in the body both systemically and locally. Injuries sometimes occur because the joint or tissue is dried out and malnourished. Acupuncture increases the blood flow and in turn the tissue is healthier, happier and injury free.

Muscle tears or strains: Micro-tears in the muscles happen during any workout, it is what helps our body become stronger and our muscles toned. However, tears that are too numerous or too large is detrimental and needs to be addressed. Because acupuncture can increase blood flow, it can also help heal muscle tears and strains. Further, because of acupuncture’s ability to alter and improve blood flow, it is also a champion at nourishing and lubricating the joints and muscles. A healthy muscle is more resilient, powerful and injury resistant than a dried out and tired muscle. The same holds true for joints, ligaments and the nervous system. Motion is lotion!

Loosen or tighten a muscle: Some injuries happen because muscles are too tight and bound up. Some injuries happen because the muscle is too loose. Acupuncture can tighten a loose muscle and loosen a tight muscle. Restoring balance and harmony ensures that the muscle can perform and recover properly, aka… no injury!

Recovery: The body’s ability to adequately and effectively recover is critical to remaining injury free. If the body fully recovers after an activity, event or workout, the probability of staying healthy sharply increases. Both acupuncture and manual therapy aids the body in recovery. A body that is adequately recovered is better able to avoid injury and recover from small setbacks far better than a body that is fatigued and worn-out.

The greatest take-away is that acupuncture is topnotch at restoring the body’s function and correcting disfunction. Whatever goes wrong, acupuncture can direct the body on how to heal. Acupuncture reduces the damage and increase the body’s healing potential. A high functioning body is like a high functioning athlete, both are unstoppable and infallible. The reward for an athlete being proactive with their recovery and injury prevention is their lack of injuries and decreased days away from their activity or sport.

Dr. Hilary Patzer, L.Ac., Craniosacral, Neurokinetic & Level III Fascial Stretch Specialist