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the mystery intelligence within our nervous system

Hello! My name is Amanda Leaveck, and I’m a brain geek who has a deep reverence for the unknown. Through Science & Magic workshops, retreats, yoga, group coaching and writing, I offer space and education for people to access more ease and alignment in their every day life. I’ve partnered with JADA Studios and we’re excited to be able to offer to you a 60-day course designed to cultivate more ease and intuition in your every day life.

Our course, Magical Mind, is for anyone who wants to attain a general understanding about the power of their own nervous system with the structure and accountability of a group cohort to explore it. Using the Science & Magic Curriculum, participants will be asked to implement the science-based learning into their daily life through a regular commitment of yoga, meditation, and/or self care. Class time includes delicious sound baths, heartfelt discussion and a customized ‘brain food’ menu that is designed to nourish and support the body throughout the process of learning.

Think of this course like an interactive tour of your very own nervous system!

Consider the fact that our mama earth currently holds 7.7 billion human beings.  That means that there are 7.7 billion human beings who each have a nervous system of more than 100 billion, 500 million, 40,000 different neurons that link up in trillions of unique ways. We are each truly made of the same substance, yet profoundly different. 

These facts don’t intimidate me, they fascinate me.  They remind me that we all, quite literally, are having profoundly different experiences, yet still connecting with each other in some sort of common reality.

It is this intelligence that is explored, discussed, and experienced in my Science & Magic curriculum. Science helps us gain understanding and process information with our logical, ‘thinking’ mind. Magic allows us to sink into the unknown, to have reverence for mystery. Together, they create an enriching experience of that helps give life to what it means to be human.

Join a cohort of colleagues and cast a spell on your life in such a way that growth occurs organically. Learn and experience research-based techniques that will cultivate wellbeing, peace and ease as regular states of being. When you learn how to harness the power of your mind, what looks like magic to other people will be the life that you live. So what are you waiting for? Join us for Magical Mind.

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